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Display of more webcams together including position on the map is the main idea of the project. In addition, the visitor can obtain the information on weather conditions in the area concerned. Website is user-friendly designed and allows you to easily check the current situation at favorite places selected.

The first impulse for creation of has been the lack of such service which would allow visitor to easily display more webcams in selected region. That is why we have decided to create, the website where you can watch selected webcams in higher resolution than anywhere else. In addition, weather forecast is provided.

The goal and functions have extended during the development of Today you can watch category-organized webcams located all over the World. Each visitor of can add webcams and make his/her own list of favourite webcams. Once at work and busy, you can easily check the current situation at a place you are visiting the coming weekend or holiday. All you have to do is to create your own link with the list of favorite webcams you want to check fast.

The use of is broad. When traveling by car, you can check the traffic. When going to a pool, you can easily check how many visitors there are. When going to a beach, you can check the waves or see how crowded the place is. Or you can just watch the places you would like to visit once.

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